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Stray Birds

Questions?   STRAY BIRDS houses my observations and inspirations. It's also the title of 326 poems by Rabindranath Tagore, a Faber family favorite. I run THE WILDERNESS OF WISH an applied anthropology + art studio operating out of The Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn, NYC.

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    Through the rad Deutschlanders over at I just discovered the most wonderful place —> Studio Weave - The Lullaby Factory is but a dip into their world. I hope the Wilderness of Wish has a chance to collaborate with them one day. Checkit. 

    Our Lullaby Factory was founded in 1852 by my great, great, great, great grandfather. This is the oldest Lullaby Factory in the world still in operation. We’re very proud of our Lullaby Factory and the great lullabies it produces for the Sleepies in hospital and beyond….

    Before any lullabies can be built, we need to collect the base ingredients. The two main collection tools are the Whistful Fillment Filaments, and the Satellite Lilters. The Whistful Fillment Filaments are very long invisible grasses that reach up from the rooftops and comb the air for wishes, the most important ingredients. The second tools are the Lilters that lie high up in the sky and listen to the planetary music. 

    lullaby factory

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